“Michele has the wonderful ability to capture your vision for photographic art for any given design project.  She will then seek out and shoot the specific subject matter, capturing that shot from the unusual vantage point you may be looking for, and manipulate colors to enhance the artistic statement…she gets it and makes it happen!” Katina Chirillo, Katchi Interior Design

“I had the pleasure of attending Creative Capital workshop with photographer Michele Guarino and was assigned to research her work and present her to the group. I was already familiar with her beautiful images but was unaware of the range of her voice and the mission of her work. She is able to capture a wide spectrum of subjects in their true and radiant form. Her purpose rings through with uplifting clarity for peace, health and compassion.
Her portraits are relaxed and natural, her journalistic work is compelling and her fine art is consistently original while exhibiting the same technical skill that comes with years of studying, observing and recording the world around us.” – Owner, Artist JoAnn Nava  

“Her works is, in a word, excellent. More then this, Michele is a deeply compassionate person who is readily accepted by those around her. She has a strong sense of what needs to be done balanced by an unassuming nature. Michele interacts very well with large and small groups. Besides her artistic ability, which is exceptional, she has strong people skills, which seem based on her deep held belief that all are to be treated with dignity. A great combination of talent, strength and sensitivity.” –Dan Johnson, past Program Director of Ministry for Persons of Disabilities.


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