Michele M. Guarino, a contemporary fine art photographer has been professionally involved in the world of art for the past two decades. Her studies include the Parson’s School of Design, Southeast Center for Photo/Graphics in Daytona Beach, Florida and Fine Art at the University of Miami, Florida. For years, her focus has been on documentaries, self-supporting agencies, and personal projects. Many of her photographs include day-to-day life, creating a visual timeline of her history. Her documentaries have featured The Florida School of the Deaf & Blind, Special Olympics, The Autism Society of America, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Hope and Help Center (HIV/AIDS), and Ministry with Persons with Disabilities, which received a $60,000.00 grant from UPS.  She also served on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographer Guild of Palm Beach. Her work has appeared in Artnews Magazine, and in a number of other formats and venues, such as newspapers, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, websites, exhibitions, galleries, and in private collections.

Since the age of 16, Michele has been passionate about connecting to all walks of life, from high society to the homeless. Born and raised in the Garden State of New Jersey, she was conveniently exposed to New York City, a melting pot of the world. Attending photography school there particularly influenced her thoughts and feeling about the world, with great diversity and connection. She realized early on that we are all interconnected to the energy of the universe. Her journey has taken many turns and climbed many mountains, revealing that life is an inside spiritual connection to God. He nourishes, He heals, and He reveals the mystical powers of life. Michele believes the destination is between you and God — Are you listening to the whispers of the voice within or drowning in the world without? 

After she lost her mother from breast cancer, her art was transformed. For Michele, life would never be the same. From the sorrow within, she began photographing abstract water images and, to her amazement, found a calming effect on her mind and spirit. Through the lens of her camera, while focusing on the motion of the sea, she found her healing.

      “Water nourishes my soul and gives me a sense of awe, because it looks back at you and reveals the power of life. It evokes many moods and emotions, strengths and fears. I believe water is a reflection of the soul, a mirror into the unknown, and it unites my energy forces. Creating art is an essential part of me — it opens the flow of energy and communication between God and myself, forming a channel where the heart and the spirit are united. I cannot stop the burning desire, the calling, to create art. If I do, my spirit dies. Once the conversation is finished, the art is revealed.”

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